What is your "financial independence number?"

A financial needs analysis can help you find out what your FIN is, and why it's imperative to know.

Understanding our "why"

Understanding our "why"
At The Credit Mage, you'll find that we proudly offer so much more than the tools and resources to rehabilitate your credit. We also help you discover financially non-negotiable information like:

  • What is your financial independence number?
  • What is a financial independence number?
  • What is your freedom number?
  • What is a freedom number?
  • How can I get out of debt faster?
  • How can I save money on taxes?
  • How can I save money on insurances?
  • How does insurance help me?
  • How do I save for retirement? Future generations? Starting a business?
The Credit Mage's first love is and always will be credit education and rehabilitation services, but we realized (as valiantly as we went) we were only tackling part of the battle. So, we set out for more education (and licensing) to be sure we didn't just lead you, but walked you all the way home to all of your financial goals; in a fraction of the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure your services will work in my state?

We're working with federal laws to enforce your rights; these take precedence over state laws, even state constitutions.

Can I use my CreditKarma account to see what I need to work on?

Remember, CreditKarma only shows two reports, and you may not be able to obtain your account numbers (even partial account numbers). You want to see the contents of all three bureau reports and any supplemental reports your information may be on as well.

Before I found you all, I started my disputes online. How can I use letters now?

That's alright! Just wait until the online dispute is finished (30 days from receipt of your dispute) then follow up with your letters.

I had a company start disputes for me, how do I start sending letters now?

Just wait until their dispute is complete (30 days) then start working with your letters. You only want to have yourself or a company sending per 30 days.

Before I knew about this, I started paying or paid the debt, can I still dispute?

Yes. You can dispute the accuracy of the accounts on your report at any time. Remember, it isn't the status of the accounts, but their accuracy that we're disputing.

What sites can I use to locate account numbers for my letters?

These sites will give you more to work information to work with for your disputes:

I got some accounts removed but not all. What do I do now?

Keep going friend! Send a second round of letters!

What about repos, judgements, student loans and bankruptcy?

It isn't the type of account, it's the information reporting and how the bureaus obtained the information they are reporting that we're disputing. 

Do I dispute the original creditors or the collectors?

Both of them. 

What does it mean for my obligations when items are removed from my credit report?

Simply removing items from your report doesn't remove your obligation to pay for debts you actually owe. That looks more into whether the creditor or collection agency is contacting you. Then you'll know whether to verify (creditor) or validate (collector). They aren't interchangeable.